How to set up ij Start Canon Tr8520 in 2021?

Canon Pixma TR8520 is the ultimate all-in-one printer. Canon tr8520 has a larger size touch screen and, it is one of the finest new model printers in recent times.

Canon Pixma tr8520 setup

  • Unbox the canon Pixma tr8520 printer safely and place it on a flat surface to begin the setup process.
  • Remove all the packing materials and the protective tapes carefully.
  • Ensure that the package contains all the Pixma tr8520 printer accessories such as USB cable, Power cable, Ink cartridges.
  • Connect the power cable to the printer and the power socket to turn on the canon printer.
  • Push the power button to turn on the tr8520 printer. Choose the desired location and language for the printer.
  • Open the front panel and pull down the canon Pixma tr8520 ink cartridge access door to find the cartridge slots.
  • Insert the color and black ink cartridges; slowly slide them until you hear a click sound.
  • Close the access door and begin performing the initial setup.

Canon Pixma tr8520 driver install

  • Follow the instructions given above and complete the initial setup for the canon tr8520 printer.
  • Download the Canon Pixma tr8520 driver package from the website.
  • Open the canon tr8520 driver software once the download completed.
  • Select language and follow the instructions given on the software page.
  • Select the mode of connection and click on Next.
  • Connect the USB cable from the back of the Pixma tr8520 printer to the computer for a wired connection.
  • To opt for a wireless network, connect and check your router is active, and select Wireless.
  • Include all the canon tr8520 driver software required for the installation process.
  • Perform a test print to see the print quality and add the canon tr8520 printer to the devices list.
  • Do reach our support team for any help with your Canon Pixma TR8520.

How to scan from Canon tr8520 printer?

  • Canon Pixma TR8520 has facilitated multiple scanning processes with sophisticated automatic feeding technology.
  • Ensure to include the scanner driver in the whole package driver installed for the ij start canon tr8520 printer.
  • You can also download the scanner software separately from the website.
  • Place the document to be scanned on the scanner glass or feeder.
  • Click on “Search” and open Canon TR8520 scanner utility software.
  • Select the document source as feeder or glass and click on start scan.
  • Select the file destination folder and choose the file format.
  • Once the Scanning is over, you can find the scanned document in the selected destination.

How to connect canon pixma tr8520 to Windows?

  • Check whether the router is available and also confirm that the computer gets connected to the network.
  • Make sure that the Pixma tr8520 printer is plugged in and turned on.
  • Load papers, canon tr8520 ink cartridges, and Complete the initial setup for the Canon printer.
  • The main screen will lit up when the Pixma tr8520 printer is ready, and now tap the wireless icon at the bottom left of the screen and select “LAN” settings.
  • Next, select “Wireless LAN” and choose the wireless router you would like to use and enter the password and click Ok.
  • The printer gets connected to the router, and now install the software.
  • Download the canon tr8520 driver software for the printer from the website and install it on your computer.
  • Open the downloaded file on your computer to get started and click on Start Setup.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and select the connection method.
  • After a successful network connection, select the language and complete the installation.
  • The Pixma tr8520 printer is installed and perform test prints to check if the printer is online.
  • Contact our support team for any help or assistance.

How to connect canon pixma tr8520 to Mac?

  • Ensure to check the router and the computer connection to your wireless network.
  • Plugin the ij start canon tr8520 printer and press the power button to turn it on.
  • Follow the above-given instructions to complete the initial setup.
  • Select the wireless option on the screen and select LAN settings.
  • Choose the “WLAN” option and enter the Wi-Fi password; tap Ok, now the Pixma tr8520 printer gets connected to the Wi-Fi. 
  • Download the canon tr8520 driver software and open the downloaded drivers.
  • Double click to install the downloaded software and enter your Mac user name and password to allow.
  • Click on Start setup. Do agree with the license agreement and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select the preferred mode of connection and then click Next.
  • Now add the Pixma tr8520 printer to your control panel and click Next.
  • Reach out to our support team for any help related to the canon tr8520 printer setup.

How to print with Canon Pixma tr8520 from an android phone?

  • Canon Pixma tr8520 made the printing option easy and user-friendly.
  • Ensure that the ij start canon tr8520 printer and the phone gets connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the play store from your phone and search for the canon mobile print application.
  • Download and install the program on your android phone.
  • Open the mobile print app and click on the Add printer option.
  • The application will look for Canon Pixma tr8520.
  • The application will look for wireless-enabled printers.
  • Select Canon Pixma tr8520 and click on Next to register the printer
  • The canon tr8520 printer gets connected to your phone, and now you can print from your phone.