Easy ways to setup ij Start Canon Mg3620 printer in 2021?

Canon Pixma ij start canon mg3620 is one of the unique and compact wireless printers available. It delivers good quality printing and scanning to the users at an economical price.

Canon Pixma Mg3620 printer setup

  • Unpack the canon mg3620 printer carefully from the shipment box and make sure that the seal does not get broken and the canon printer box contains all the printer accessories. 
  • Remove the wrapper around the mg3620 printer safely and place the printer on a clean and flat surface.
  • Remove all the packing materials from in and out of the printer.
  • Connect the power cable to the back of the start canon printer and the other end to the power outlet.
  • Pick the canon mg3620 ink cartridges and remove the orange strip from the ink cartridges safely.
  • Open the front door of the Pixma printer to access the ink cartridge door, and you will see the cartridge carriage moving back and forth, wait until it rests.
  • Pull the lever to load the black and color ink cartridges in the specific ink slots and close the front door. 
  • Make-sure that all the indicator lights are solid, and if you see any light flashing, address the indication appropriately.
  • Pull the paper tray out and load the papers. Adjust the Paper glides as per the size of the Papers.
  • The initial setup gets done, and now you can proceed with the installation process.
  • After the proper canon mg 3620 printer setup, do the test print to ensure whether the printer works properly.

Canon Pixma Mg3620 driver install

  • Download the entire package of canon Pixma mg3620 printer driver to your computer.
  • Open and start the downloaded software on the computer.
  • Select the language and do agree with the license agreement of the downloaded software 
  • Ensure to include other canon mg3620 function drivers to use the multi-functions of the printers.
  • Select the mode of connection as wired or wireless.
  • Ensure to connect the USB cable if you prefer a wired connection.
  • If you prefer a wireless connection, connect the mg3620 printer to your router. 
  • Click Next and follow the displayed instructions.
  • The start canon mg3620 printer will print the information sheet once the connection is successful.
  • Do reach our support team to ease the Canon PIXMA mg3620 driver installation process.

How to connect Canon Pixma mg3620 wireless?

  • Follow the below-given steps to connect your Canon Pixma mg3620 to your wireless network.
  • Connect the power cable and turn on the mg3620 printer by pressing the power button.
  • Wait until the light next to the power button stops flashing.
  • Press and hold the Wireless button until the power light flashes.
  • Press the Color button and Wireless button simultaneously and wait for the wireless light to flash.
  • Flashing wireless light indicates that the Canon printer is ready to connect wirelessly.
  • Now press the WPS button in your router to synchronize the network to the printer.
  • After a successful connection, the wireless light will stop flashing.
  • Wireless setup is over, and now you can print and scan wirelessly from your canon 3620 printer.

How to connect Pixma mg3620 wireless with Windows?

  • The Canon Pixma mg3620 printer has to be enabled wirelessly before beginning the connection process.
  • The power button will lit up when the printer is on, and the Wi-Fi light should be flashing. 
  • On your operating system, install the perfect driver for the mg3620 printer by visiting the link given below. 
  • Open the downloaded software and click Start setup to run the software.
  • Select region and do agree with the license agreement.
  • Choose the WLAN connection method and select the option Connect via a wireless router.
  • The installed application will scan and detect the ij start canon mg3620 printer.
  • Select the mg3620 printer and click Next and then follow the instructions mentioned in the printer setup process.
  • The computer will lose the internet connection temporarily for the auto-configuration process.
  • Be sure to install all the software needed to drive the mg3620 printer and do the test print.
  • For any wireless setup-related assistance, contact our support team.

How to Connect Canon mg3620 wireless setup with mac?

  • Confirm proper router setup and network connection to your computer.
  • Plugin and turn on the power button of the Canon printer mg3620.
  • The power button will lit up when the mg 3620 printers is on, and the Wi-Fi light should be flashing. 
  • Install the software for the Pixma mg3620 printer by following the instructions given above.
  • Open the software and enter the username and password of Mac to run the software.
  • Select the preferred connection as “wireless” in the connection method screen.
  • Click “Next” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the wireless connection.
  • The network gets disabled temporarily during the setup process. 
  • Now select the name of the preferred Wi-Fi network connection and enter the password.
  • After the connection of canon Pixma mg3620 wireless set up, add the printer to your printers and scanners list.
  • Set up the region and agree to the license agreement. 
  • Be sure to install all the software needed to drive the printer and do the test print.

How to scan with Canon mg3620 printer?

  • You must install the scanner application on your computer to perform the scanning function from Canon Pixma mg3620.
  • Make sure to install the complete MP driver package or include the canon mg3620 scanner driver during the installation process.
  • Open the scanner lid and place the document face down on the scanner glass you intend to scan.
  •  Search for ij scan utility for canon mg3620 printer on your computer and run the program to open it.
  • Click on the scan option at the bottom to start scanning.
  • Select the file format and destination folder to place the scanned document.
  • For any help regarding the canon mg3620 printer set up, reach our support team for instant help.

Connect Canon mg3620 with USB cable

  • Follow the below instructions to connect your mg3620 printer using a USB cable.
  • Connect the USB cable to the start canon mg3620 printer and computer.
  • On your computer download, the driver software for the mg3620 printer.
  • Install the utility programs for printer management.
  • Locate the region and select the language to start up the driver.
  • Click Agree on the license agreement page and select the connection mode as USB.
  • Click “Next” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the wired connection.
  • For further assistance, reach our support agents.

Connect mg3620 with Android

  • Connect the phone and ij start canon mg3620 printer to the same network.
  • Download the Canon printer app on the mobile phone from the play store.
  • Open the app and select “Add printer” option at the bottom.
  • Select Register printer, and the application will scan for the available printers.
  • The application will show up on your Pixma 3620 printer. Select Canon Pixma MG3620.
  • Allow the permissions for the printer and phone to exchange data.
  • Now the mobile printing from your Canon Pixma MG3620 is enabled successfully.